The purpose of art is to remove the dust from our daily lives.

For the past 40 years the sea and worlds shores have been the mainspring of my art. Living on our small yacht "Brillig" for fourteen years in different countries the inspiration for my current work. This lifestyle has inevitably been a cycle of feast and famine from selling $10.oo pencil sketches in the West Indies, to recieving enough money to support a year's cruising from one sale! There is nothing like running out of money to achieve absolute focus on producing some worthy painting. With such an endless variety of scenes and living in some of the most beautiful parts of the world shortage of money has only been temporary. My wife Rika is not only a talented classical pianist, she is also pretty good at catching fish!

Over the years I have worked in many different locations ashore. Fellow artist have been generouse in sharing their studio space and I wish to thank them all.

Now we are back in the UK to refit the boat ready for her next cruise.


While in the UK Rika and I have been doing talks on our lifestyle and the rigours of ocean cruising. During our four trans Atlantic voyages sailing over 20,000 together we have had a mid ocean knockdown, survived an uncharted sand bar on the African skeliton coast. Through art and music we have been entertained by some of the world's wealthy and famous, and known the companionship of a shared meal in a fishing village on the west coast of Africa. In short we have been having fun.

We do these talks in exchange for expenses and an opportunity to exhibit and sell my paintings.